Microbursts by Elizabeth Reeder and Amanda Thomson An honourable mention goes to Microbursts, a narrative non-fiction that wades into the grey void that is mortal illness, the shadow land between life and death. This is a celebration of familial love, coming to terms with the death of those closest to us and surviving. New experimental/hybrid publisher Prototype hasContinue reading “MICROBURSTS”


The Troubles and The Last Crossing by Brian McGilloway.  (revised and edited from http://www.crimetime.co.uk feature published 8/5/20) Brian McGilloway’s Benedict Devlin series, (2007-2012), explore a place and people haunted by the violent and chaos of the past. Inspector Devlin is a Catholic Guard working cross border cases with his Protestant counterparts in the PSNI. A decadeContinue reading “THE LAST CROSSING”


Untraceable by Sergei Lebedev Sergei Lebedev is an important voice in Russian literature and has garnered a reputation in the US and UK for his novels, oblivion, Fritz the Goose and Year of the Comet. Untraceable will only enhance his reputation; it’s a ‘state of the nation’ novel that melds serious literary themes with theContinue reading “UNTRACEABLE”

Hunting the Hangman

Hunting the Hangman – Howard Linskey This exciting but downbeat thriller is a realistic fictional account of an audacious wartime operation that shook the Nazi world – the assassination of Reinhardt Heydrich. Hunting the Hangman is a thought provoking and insightful retelling. Thisis about Operation Anthropoid, set up by the SOE, (Special Operations Executive), inContinue reading “Hunting the Hangman”

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