The Devil by Nadia DalbuonoThe Devil is the fifth novel in the Leone Scamarcio series and is a welcome return for one of Italy’s most distinctive and intriguing fictional detectives which is saying something given the competition. Despite a CWA Steel Dagger longlisting and critical praise the Scamarcio novels are still not making it toContinue reading “THE DEVIL”


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Death Peddler by Jimmy Sangster.“…referred to as the battle of Santhoma Sea. Others who knew just that something had happened, but who weren’t aware of all the facts, called it either the South Sea Bubble or That Monumental Cock Up Down There.”The title gives it away, this is an irreverent black comedyContinue reading “YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD DEATH PEDDLER”


Europa 28 edited by Sophie Hughes and Sarah Cleave.Writing by Women on the Future of Europe.Laura Bates in her introduction tells us that this collection is all about ‘seeing other people’s way of seeing things’: she tells us, “Women see things differently”. These alternative opinions are the perspectives of a number of eminent women fromContinue reading “EUROPA 28”


The Mermaid of Black Conch by Monique RoffeyA beautiful, beguiling mix of fantasy and allegory, myth woven into life, which says something of the our humanity, the darkness and the light. A simple tale elegantly told that enfolds the reader into its sense of wonder and mystery. Life’s cruelty is on display but this isContinue reading “THE MERMAID OF BLACK CONCH”


Face of My Assassin by Jan Huckins & Carolyn Weston.At sixty-one years distance it’s hard not to read this novel for the remarkable social document it is, for what it says about segregation in the 1950s. The issues Face of My Assassin raises are sometimes brutal and obvious but there’s a lot of subtly hereContinue reading “FACE OF MY ASSASSIN”


Summer of Reckoning by Marion BrunetThis clever psychological crime thriller has a depth you might expect of a much larger literary novel. Of course, the French have never been snobbish about the crime versus contemporary literature divide and aren’t afraid of exploring complex themes in this genre, even so this is an exceptional read. AnContinue reading “SUMMER OF RECKONING”

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