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Theakston highlights to include Lee Child, Joseph Finder, Ian Rankin Jul 2, 2020 Harrogate International Festivals unveils its world-class virtual HIF Weekender line-up featuring performances and interviews with best-selling authors, internationally acclaimed musicians, and innovative thinkers. Running from 23-26 July, this cultural celebration coincides with what would have been the legendary long weekend of Harrogate’s Theakston Old PeculierContinue reading “Press Release”


#indiebookawards Bernardine Evaristo, Lara Maiklem, Sophie Anderson and Chris Haughton win the Indie Book Awards 2020 Independent Booksellers Reveal their Top Books for the Summer as part of Independent Bookshop Week London, 26th June 2020: With Independent Bookshop Week currently taking place across the UK (20-27 June), the top summer reads according to indie booksellers have beenContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE”


The Eyes of Texas ed. Michael BrackenPrivate Eyes from the Panhandle to the Piney Woods.Bracken’s introduction to this intriguing and entertaining collection sets out to dispel any notions readers may have of the Lone Star State being just one kind of place, (your movie/tv inspired notions). Texas isn’t all devious oil barons in shiny glassContinue reading “THE EYES OF TEXAS”


Tokyo Traffic by Michael PronkoA Detective Hiroshi MysteryTokyo Traffic is an entertaining and involving crime read. Set in modern day Japan it is rich in local colour and culture, an intriguing element of the story for Western readers. The unfolding investigation into the dark underbelly of Tokyo life, sex trafficking and the pornographic film industry,Continue reading “TOKYO TRAFFIC”

CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection

Crime Reads Roundup.Three books I recommend from my personal reading in May: This Poison Will Remain Fred Vargas. This is the ninth Inspector Adamsberg mystery and I’m pretty sure hell will freeze over before I get tired of this original and inventive crime series – subversive, surreal and very French. The term left field wasContinue reading “CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection”


Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds.Rod Reynolds first UK set thriller is a proper page turner with a really intriguing opening. Blood Red City is about an investigative journalist falling foul of some very nasty villains as her investigation into a possible murder stumbles across a sinister financial conspiracy. Lydia Wright finds herself following leadsContinue reading “BLOOD RED CITY”

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