Southern Cross Crime Craig Sisterson.The Pocket Essential Guide to the Crime Fiction, Film, and TV of Australia and New Zealand. They’re coming for us, it’s an antipodean assault. It’s “Yeah Noir/Outback Noir”* carpet bombing the bookshops of the northern hemisphere: Vanda Symon, Emma Viskic, Chris Hammer, Jane Harper, Liane Moriarty, the list goes on. It’sContinue reading “SOUTHERN CROSS CRIME”


When We Fall by Carolyn Kirby. A convincing and gripping tale of a wartime love triangle entangled in intrigue and the tragedy of war. When We Fall maintains a balance between thrills, adventure and romance creating a rounded and emotional engaged tale, a rich reading experience. This is a reminder that wars are about individualContinue reading “WHEN WE FALL”


The Last Crossing by Brian McGilloway. Brian McGilloway’s much anticipated new novel, The Last Crossing, is a stand alone story set in Northern Ireland and Glasgow. The story unfolds over over two time frames three decades apart; the depths of The Troubles and the present day. A murder at the height of the conflict comesContinue reading “THE LAST CROSSING”


Undercover Gerard Brennan A Cormac Kelly ThrillerThis is crime fiction as an adrenaline injection to the heart. Gerard Brennan is a no nonsense writer, not one wasted words, no added fluff. Undercover is hard and fast – an exhilarating read. It’s got plenty of gritty action and the Belfast setting is pitch perfect. This isContinue reading “UNDERCOVER”


Fall Out by M N Grenside. And, action! Plenty of it and super nasty bad guys and stories so outrageously crazy they can only be true. We got McGuffin plotlines, the real deal (buried treasure), assassins, WWII, war criminals, dodgy coincidence, plot twisting surprises, Apocalypse Now, the fall of Saigon, a Buddha, the Cannes filmContinue reading “FALL OUT”


Wild Dog by Serge Joncour. ‘People tend to forget past catastrophes just as they fail to see new ones developing.’ Ain’t that the truth! Everything is so dominated by Covid-19 at the moment that I can’t help reading a sentence like this without it slapping me in the face, it seems so relevant. Chien-Loup wasContinue reading “WILD DOG”


Victim 2117 by Jussi Adler OlsenDepartment Q volume VIIIThis is a series I love for its darkly gripping stories and anarchic, slightly off the wall humour. I’m pretty sure policing isn’t supposed to be quite like this but then Department Q of the Copenhagen police force is a law unto itself. Victim 2117 is aContinue reading “VICTIM 2117”

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