https://www.crimetime.co.uk/to-cook-a-bear-by-mikael-niemi-a-net-of-good-and-evil-by-michael-scott-cain/ Courtesy of CRIME TIME UK A Net of Good and Evil by Michael Scott Cain The post-war communist witch-hunt which underpins this murder mystery is pretty dark and that’s the way most novelists spin it. Cain takes an original approach drawing on the farce and absurdity of the times to create a blackly comic tale.Continue reading “A NET OF GOOD AND EVIL”


Little Sister Robert Lee Martin (1952)Whether they cut her too much slack growing up out of pity for her mother dying when she was little or they just didn’t lavish the time on her for more selfish reasons, preoccupied with their own affairs, Little Sister grew up spoilt, her behaviour indulged. Now Linda is seventeen,Continue reading “LITTLE SISTER”


Trouble is What I do by Walter Mosley‘That phone number got me a night of bliss, a broken wrist, and, in the end, it cost a man his life. But that’s another story.’And so it is, a throw away that just gives the reader an idea of Mosley’s ease with a wittily intriguing turn ofContinue reading “TROUBLE IS WHAT I DO”


The Eyes of Texas ed. Michael BrackenPrivate Eyes from the Panhandle to the Piney Woods.Bracken’s introduction to this intriguing and entertaining collection sets out to dispel any notions readers may have of the Lone Star State being just one kind of place, (your movie/tv inspired notions). Texas isn’t all devious oil barons in shiny glassContinue reading “THE EYES OF TEXAS”

CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection

Crime Reads Roundup.Three books I recommend from my personal reading in May: This Poison Will Remain Fred Vargas. This is the ninth Inspector Adamsberg mystery and I’m pretty sure hell will freeze over before I get tired of this original and inventive crime series – subversive, surreal and very French. The term left field wasContinue reading “CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection”


The Underbelly by Gary Phillips (2010) LA author Gary Phillips writes engaging and thought provoking sci-fi and crime fiction in different forms; long and short stories, graphic novels and comics. He also likes to experiment with storytelling forms and often edits and collaborates on anthologies. He’s a born storyteller and his writing comes from theContinue reading “THE UNDERBELLY”

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