CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection

Crime Reads Roundup.Three books I recommend from my personal reading in May: This Poison Will Remain Fred Vargas. This is the ninth Inspector Adamsberg mystery and I’m pretty sure hell will freeze over before I get tired of this original and inventive crime series – subversive, surreal and very French. The term left field wasContinue reading “CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection”


Deep as Death by Katja Ivar.The second Hella Mauzer thriller.“What Hella doesn’t realise, until it’s too late, is that the most dangerous of lies are those we tell ourselves.”That little teaser for Deep as Death comes from an interview I did with Katja on the publication of her debut, Evil Things, (January last year, seeContinue reading “DEEP AS DEATH”


Wild Dog by Serge Joncour. ‘People tend to forget past catastrophes just as they fail to see new ones developing.’ Ain’t that the truth! Everything is so dominated by Covid-19 at the moment that I can’t help reading a sentence like this without it slapping me in the face, it seems so relevant. Chien-Loup wasContinue reading “WILD DOG”


Victim 2117 by Jussi Adler OlsenDepartment Q volume VIIIThis is a series I love for its darkly gripping stories and anarchic, slightly off the wall humour. I’m pretty sure policing isn’t supposed to be quite like this but then Department Q of the Copenhagen police force is a law unto itself. Victim 2117 is aContinue reading “VICTIM 2117”


The Devil by Nadia DalbuonoThe Devil is the fifth novel in the Leone Scamarcio series and is a welcome return for one of Italy’s most distinctive and intriguing fictional detectives which is saying something given the competition. Despite a CWA Steel Dagger longlisting and critical praise the Scamarcio novels are still not making it toContinue reading “THE DEVIL”

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