The Inspector of Unexplained Deaths by Olivier Barde-Cabuçon This light but intelligent novel augers well for The Inspector of Unexplained Deaths series. This is exciting historical crime writing – sharp witted and enjoyable. Chevalier Volnay is a fascinating detective, the Sherlock of the ancien régime; young, contradictory and enigmatic but quite, quite brilliant. A manContinue reading “THE INSPECTOR OF UNEXPLAINED DEATHS”


Wild Dog by Serge Joncour. ‘People tend to forget past catastrophes just as they fail to see new ones developing.’ Ain’t that the truth! Everything is so dominated by Covid-19 at the moment that I can’t help reading a sentence like this without it slapping me in the face, it seems so relevant. Chien-Loup wasContinue reading “WILD DOG”


Summer of Reckoning by Marion BrunetThis clever psychological crime thriller has a depth you might expect of a much larger literary novel. Of course, the French have never been snobbish about the crime versus contemporary literature divide and aren’t afraid of exploring complex themes in this genre, even so this is an exceptional read. AnContinue reading “SUMMER OF RECKONING”

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