Top Independent Titles for Christmas

Christmas Books for the Bookworm on the road less travelled. I would have loved to review these books this month but time beat me. However, I still think they’re worthy of note, these are some of the best recent titles from independent presses, books for people who are always looking for something original and intellectuallyContinue reading “Top Independent Titles for Christmas”


PRESS RELEASE 16 June 2020 THE BOOKBLAST® PODCASTBRIDGING THE DIVIDE: TRANSLATION & THE ART OF EMPATHY30 JULY to 05 NOVEMBER 202030 July, 5 p.m. ♣ The first two podcasts in a fifteen-part series will be launched, championing independent publishers, their authors and translators, and a guest interview with the publisher behind Nordic Noir. Bridging the Divide is hostedContinue reading “Bookblast”

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