The Troubles and The Last Crossing by Brian McGilloway.  (revised and edited from feature published 8/5/20) Brian McGilloway’s Benedict Devlin series, (2007-2012), explore a place and people haunted by the violent and chaos of the past. Inspector Devlin is a Catholic Guard working cross border cases with his Protestant counterparts in the PSNI. A decadeContinue reading “THE LAST CROSSING”


Marshmallows by Colin O’Sullivan This is the third novel by O’Sullivan that I’ve reviewed after Killarney Blues and Dark Manual. I like Colin O’Sullivan, his novels are a constant surprise; the story darkens with every page and yet there’s always a witty undertone – it’s all so unpredictable. Marshmallows even has a soundtrack, as theContinue reading “Marshmallows”


If Looks Could Kill by Olivia KiernanThe third DCS Frankie Sheehan novelAn exciting new Irish crime series was launched when DCS Frankie Sheehan debuted in Too Close to Breathe in 2018. A police procedural/serial killer/psycho drama that put poor Frankie through the wringer – an emotionally wrought and totally gripping story. It had a realContinue reading “IF LOOKS COULD KILL”


Woman of State by Simon BerthonThis is a novel I picked up on a hunch a couple of years ago not being familiar with the author. The setting for Woman of State was right up my alley because it’s a thriller about Ireland, the Troubles and British politics which always intrigue me. I put itContinue reading “WOMAN OF STATE”

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