Tokyo Traffic by Michael PronkoA Detective Hiroshi MysteryTokyo Traffic is an entertaining and involving crime read. Set in modern day Japan it is rich in local colour and culture, an intriguing element of the story for Western readers. The unfolding investigation into the dark underbelly of Tokyo life, sex trafficking and the pornographic film industry,Continue reading “TOKYO TRAFFIC”


Grab a Snake by the Tail All good fiction reflects the character of its country of birth. This is very true of Cuban literature; religion, sex, politics, superstition, machismo, beauty and a dark soul born out of a turbulent history. There is no writer speaks to this more truthfully than Leonardo Padura. He has beenContinue reading “GRAB A SNAKE BY THE TAIL”


Undercover Gerard Brennan A Cormac Kelly ThrillerThis is crime fiction as an adrenaline injection to the heart. Gerard Brennan is a no nonsense writer, not one wasted words, no added fluff. Undercover is hard and fast – an exhilarating read. It’s got plenty of gritty action and the Belfast setting is pitch perfect. This isContinue reading “UNDERCOVER”

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