If Looks Could Kill by Olivia KiernanThe third DCS Frankie Sheehan novelAn exciting new Irish crime series was launched when DCS Frankie Sheehan debuted in Too Close to Breathe in 2018. A police procedural/serial killer/psycho drama that put poor Frankie through the wringer – an emotionally wrought and totally gripping story. It had a realContinue reading “IF LOOKS COULD KILL”


The Devil by Nadia DalbuonoThe Devil is the fifth novel in the Leone Scamarcio series and is a welcome return for one of Italy’s most distinctive and intriguing fictional detectives which is saying something given the competition. Despite a CWA Steel Dagger longlisting and critical praise the Scamarcio novels are still not making it toContinue reading “THE DEVIL”

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